Alastair Gore, Aperio Associate Consultant

Alastair is a seasoned supply chain professional who has held senior executive positions locally and abroad. His career has seen him gain experience in multiple countries, having worked in Europe, Africa and the Middle East in the FMCG industry.

Alastair has worked in food, confectionery, beverages and household products for both local and multinational businesses, having worked for Reckitt &Colman(Africa, Middle East, Pakistan and Europe), National Brands(South Africa), Super Group(South Africa), Cadbury(West Africa), Mondelez(Southern and Central Africa). Alastair has been operating at Director level for over 20 years, supporting business transformation and driving positive change.

Alastair specialises in addressing supply challenges, and using his experience to identify opportunities in Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics and Customer Service. The development and execution of Supply Chain strategy in order to support the commercial agenda, and the use of Integrated Business Planning are areas of specific expertise.

Having worked in multiple organisations, Alastair has seen the need for a powerful vision to drive businesses forward, but believes that these visions are merely dreams if not acted upon, and converted into processes, and structures with the appropriate people skills to support delivery. Alastair has skills in assessing processes, and supply networks and optimising them from both a cost and cash flow perspective, appreciating the need for ensuring service, quality, health and safety and the environment are not compromised.