Dina Saffer-Myers

Dina Saffer-Myers is co-founder and Director of Aperio, a business consulting and services company focused on the FMCG space in South Africa and sub Saharan Africa.


Aperio FMCG Consulting

Dina has 12 years successful business and leadership experience in one of the world’s top companies, Procter & Gamble. She consults with senior management on entry strategy and total company strategy development, marketing strategies as well as skills development and coaching of senior and middle management.

Dina has a wealth of general and brand management experience, where she managed multiple brand categories within South Africa and led new category growth strategies for sub Saharan Africa. She initially joined Procter & Gamble (P&G) Customer Business Development in 2001 and after two years changed to P&G Marketing where she spent the remainder of her 9 years working primarily in Africa.

During Dina’s time in P&G she led multi-functional teams to deliver success on several businesses and projects.


In Dina’s tenure at P&G she led the Wella & Clairol integrations from a marketing perspective, creating a model that was reapplied in other markets. She also led the development of entry strategies for new categories into Sub-Saharan Africa which dramatically changed the game for the business in Africa.

In addition, Dina took on the responsibility of leading organisational capability building across several business areas. Her experience culminated in an associate director appointment: the youngest incumbent in the global organisation.

Dina is also a qualified personal and professional coach as she believes that a key differentiator for any business is to enable the best people to be even better. Dina developed her leadership skills in university, where she did a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (Philosophy & Law), and led a national student organisation at the age of 19, becoming vice chairperson of the world wide student organisation the same year.



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