What do our clients have to say?

Danone Southern Africa's African Expansion department has made use of Aperio and more specifically Michael Wood in various African studies over the last 2 years. The focus areas have included Country Attractiveness surveys, Market Entry Strategies, Competitor and Market analysis.

These studies have usually been with very limited starting information, building to a point where we have learned a large amount about the country and the various FMCG players, epecially Dairy, within each country.

I find Michael's approach to be pragmatic, hands on and he is prepared to get involved at a detailed level, from producer, through the route to market, to end consumer. Aperio and Michael have become a valuable partner in our journey in Africa.

- John Loomes, Africa Expansion Director, Danone


In the past I have used Aperio services for a complex M&A study for various sub-Saharan countries. Aperio provided us with the full research to match the complex aspects of our requirements.

The results of this research enabled us to take the right strategic decisions in various countries, most importantly for the prioritisation of investments. The research was delivered timeously.

- Sergio Leao, Managing Director, AVI International


Aperio provided us with actionable Route to Market expertise which drove top-line results.

- Mario Reis, Managing Director, Danone


Aperio immersed themselves in our business to truly understand what course of action was required in helping us develop a new best in class Customer/Shopper Marketing department – the result is that we have invested in this area and headcount has increased by 300%.

- Justin Korte, Sales Director, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare